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"A good system shortens the road to the goal."

– Orison Swett Marden

Our Approach

At Campania Wealth Management, our focus is on helping you meet your unique financial objectives, whatever they may be. 

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds—from families to entrepreneurs and executives, and beyond. While each client’s goals, circumstances, and needs are unique, they often share a desire for hands-on support from professionals who will work hard to preserve and grow their wealth.

Our Philosophy

We believe that wealth management involves much more than investing. Our clients’ financial lives comprise more than their portfolios. From retirement to taxes to insurance and beyond, our goal is to align every aspect of your financial needs with personalized, strategic guidance.

We don’t bring any predetermined plans or approaches when meeting new clients. Instead, we work to build their unique financial blueprint and construct their wealth management from the ground up with the right tools for their goals.

Each relationship and strategy is as unique as the client it supports, but all clients can expect:

  • Plans that evolve with your life stage
  • Portfolios that strive to balance your short- and long-term needs
  • Investments that fit your risk tolerance and diversification needs
  • Strategies that attempt to limit your tax liabilities
  • Advisors who support you with unbiased, experienced guidance

Ultimately, we are here to help bring you closer to the life you want and fulfill your dreams of lasting prosperity.

Lifelong Support Process

  1. Discovery

    We begin each relationship by learning about what matters most to our clients and what they want out of life. During our initial meeting, we focus on getting to know you and ask you various questions that help us uncover exactly what you hope to accomplish. By digging deeply into what makes you unique, you receive guidance and strategies that address your specific needs and investment goals.

  2. Strategy

    Once we understand you and the priorities you care about, we tailor an effective, long-term investment strategy to your needs and goals. During this step, we will review your strategy with our tax team at Magone CPAs to gain their perspectives on how to balance your financial goals and tax liabilities. We then develop a plan that outlines the steps and actions each member of our team will take to pursue your long-term success.

  3. Implementation

    After we review our recommendations with you and you provide the “green light” for one of the suggested strategies, we will begin to bring them to life. During this phase, our highly trained staff will regularly communicate with you to help ensure you understand the process and how we may need your involvement. Our goal is to create a streamlined, stress-free experience for you—so your wealth management begins on the right foot.

  4. Monitoring & Adjusting

    Your plan and strategy require our ongoing review and attention, because your evolving needs require regular maintenance. We will monitor your plan to ensure you’re on track. When your life circumstances change or global markets shift, we will work to keep you on track with quick and thoughtful adjustments.

Tax-Efficient Wealth Management

Throughout our planning process and ongoing service, our CPA partners will regularly review your financial roadmap to help uncover novel strategies for reducing your tax burden. Why? In our experience, many advisors consider the tax implications of their work to be an afterthought for someone else to handle. At Campania, however, we are passionate about addressing your tax liabilities because every dollar you don’t spend in taxes is one you can put toward your financial future. We help our clients keep as much of their hard-earned wealth as possible by building tax-efficient strategies. To support tax-aware planning, we work with Magone CPAs as a standard part of our support.