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"I think it's a no-brainer that if employees feel financially secure, they're going to stay somewhere longer."

- Meghan Lantzy, The Signature Theatre, New York City



  • Attract, recruit and retain employees in today's competitive landscape.
  • Reduce employee stress and increase job satisfaction.
  • Increase productivity, engagement and focus, by addressing your employees' financial goals and concerns.



  • Discover best practices for personal budgeting, fundamentals of a sound financial plan, smart saving & protection strategies.
  • Learn to make informed choices and smart decisions to help ensure a successful financial future.
  • Facilitate access to IFWA Coaches to review personal financial situations, goals, and concerns.



Organizations have every reason to want their employees to be financially sound.

  • 95% of employers agree their financial wellness program has helped the company reach its goals1.
  • Employee financial issues are costing American businesses half a billion dollars per year1.
  • Over 50% of employees report financial issues are their number one cause of stress2.
  • 40% of employers report that their workers are only a little bit or not at all financially savvy. Only slightly fewer (36%) say employees are barely, if at all, prepared to retire successfully at retirement age3.

1 Businesses lose half a billion dollars a year due to employee financial stress,

2 2018 PWC Employee Financial Wellness Survey

3 Financial Education for Today's Workforce: 2018 Survey Results

How Does it Work?

"It was literally a breeze to set up. I did little other than send a couple emails letting folks know it was happening, and organizing a room for folks to gather. The IFWA did the rest." - Andrés Holder, Washington Ballet


IFWA provides a custom invite and simple pre-session questions to learn what your team cares most about.


IFWA facilitates a complimentary financial education session including light fare and refreshments.


IFWA collects feedback and shares information with the organization for future reference.


IFWA offers individual one-on-one financial coaching for interested employees.

IFWA "Wellness in the Workplace" program brings valuable financial education and planning solutions to individuals and organizations in the arts.

IFWA is committed to help arts organizations offer ongoing financial wellness, education, and access to viable savings and protection benefit programs to the entire staff. Bring IFWA to your organization for a complimentary Wellness in the Workplace session!

"The IFWA facilitated a savings and protection program for our whole staff, and it's such a relief. I feel like we're really taking care of our people." - Mia Yoo, Tony Winning Artistic Director, La MaMa Theatre

Our Process

Darren Sussman, Shir Keidan and Erik Sussman from IFWA with Andrés Holder, Washington Ballet

Our History

IFWA leadership with University of North Carolina School of the Arts staff

Our Values

Darren Sussman, IFWA Founder Kristi Gomez, IFWA Financial Coach